Zambia - 50 years of peace

To be honest we did not have a lot of time to explore Zambia as we needed to be at Richards place by Christmas. But if you come from Malawi you instantly see a huge difference in development. People ride good cars, there are big shopping malls and busy fuel stations. The first day we rode to Pantauke a little town with only one lodge. To expensive for us, so we camped. The heavy rain in the night set Dorians tent under water. The next day we arrived around 17:00 in Lusaka, the capital and business center of Zambia. And as we first checked Tyre King if they might have a rear tyre for us it started to rain as heavy as never before on our trip. We hid under a roof of a ATM manufacturing company. They saw us and invited us to come inside. Later after the worst rain was over we went to Bungwe Bush Camp. That is kind of a open air bar and meeting point for the local white Zambians. We learned a lot from these guys that Zambia has just celebrated 50 years of independence and peace. The former president just past away a few weeks ago, so Zambia will held elections on 20th January. They have 7 candidates including a women. The guy from the green party is willing to legalize marihuana, as he says it will bring Zambia 15 billion USD. How this will happen is not explained on the posters. We also heard about the other side of racism. Now a days it is hard for a white Zambian to find a job. Despite all difficulties, everyone seems to be proud to be Zambian. Rolf went to the village “Township” near by to shorten his beard. Many locals start drinking on Friday in the afternoon, so it was quit a funny afternoon at the barber shop. Later the night we went out to enjoy Lusakas nightlife. Brilliant clubs, not so brilliant hangover the next day. Although we still managed to find rear tyres, two Bridgestone at one place, another Bridgestone at the local HONDA dealer. They had the 17 inch tires but only the 130 instead of 140 but they still fit our bikes. Well you take what you get. They look small but still better than nothing. After we recovered from our hangover we drove all south to Kariba the border to Zimbabwe.

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