Dorians Honda Africa Twin XRV750 1996

Greatest Bike in the World! Honda Africa Twin
Greatest Bike in the World! Honda Africa Twin

The Honda Africa Twin - from my biased point of view - one of the best consumer bikes of the 20th century. Almost indestructible and with a motor that is known to go for over 300'000 km, without having to open it once. I bow before the brilliant Japanese engineers that created this mechanical wonder (XRV650 and XRV750) in the image of the four times Paris-Dakar winner model NXR-750. During the nineties, an armada of teams competed in the Dakar Rally with Africa Twins, because the machines are very reliable even under extreme conditions.

The History of my 60PS RD07B Model

Foto of my Africa Twin taken 1998
Foto of my Africa Twin taken 1998

I bought this machine 2013 in Switzerland with only 36'000 km from a private vendor, who imported it from Germany. It's a RD07B from 1996. Originally the German RD07B models were reduced to 50 PS (37 KW) by reducing the cross section of the intake socket. Fortunately this was the only procedure that had to be undone in order to get the full 60 PS (unlike the Austrian models), and it was the first thing that the original buyer did in 1996.


All further modifications I did on my bike are listed below with the newest on top. At the end of the page you can find further technical details and the difference of my RD07B compared to the earlier RD07.


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What is the difference between an Africa Twin RD07B/RD07A compared to the earlier RD07?

Compared to the earlier RD07 models the RD07A and RD07B are almost identical but there are a few technical differences:

+ minimal changes of the front casing and front windshield

+ digital ignition system and throttle valve sensor

- one ignition coil per carburetor instead of two, which slightly reduces fuel consumption

- non adjustable rear shocks

- no Oil drain screw on the front fork for faster fork oil changes

+ both front lights are on for low and high beam

+ updated carburetor venting

+ revised seat bench

+ bigger air box and exhaust silencer volumes

+/- new color design and silver colored eloxadized rims instead of golden ones


Sources (German):!topic/de.rec.motorrad/cNr7oK7QWNM

Technical Data Honda Africa Twin XRV 750


Service Infromation
Front Fork Oil cc (right leg) : 635cc
Fork oil grade : 5w-fork oil
Valve Clearance Cold - Inlet : 0.13mm - 0.17mm
Valve Clearance Cold - Exhaust : 0.18mm - 0.22mm
Cooling System (litres) : approx 2.0 litres
Engine Oil Grade SAE : sae 10w/40
Engine Oil quantity with filter (litres) : 2.4 litres
Engine Oil quantity (litres) : 2.2 litres
Engine Oil quantity (mm) : 118mm
Idle Speed (rpm) : 1200 +/- 100 rpm
Spark Plugs Gap (mm) : 0.8mm - 0.9mm
Chain Freeplay mm : 35 - 45mm
Float Height : 7.0mm





Front Twin Disc
Front Disc Size 276mm
Front-Pistons-per-caliper twin piston
Rear Disc
Rear Disc Size 256mm
Rear-Pistons-per-caliper single piston
Brake fluid dot.4
Length 2315mm to 2380mm
Width 905mm
Height 1430mm
Seat Height 870mm
Wheelbase 1565mm
Ground Clearance 225mm
Dry Weight 229kg
Fuel Capacity 23 litres
Reserve Fuel Capacity 8 liters approx.
Voltage 12v
Main Fuse 30A
Ignition cdi with electronic advance
Spark Plugs NGK-DPR8EA-9
Bulb-Headlight 60/55w
Battery 12V-12AH
Ignition Timing 10 BTDC at idle. [ fully avanced 30 BTDC at 4,500rpm ]
Type Liquid Cooled 4 Stroke V Twin
Bore x Stroke 81x72mm
Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Displacement 742
No. of Valves 6
Carburation 2x36.0mm keihin cv type
Carburation Main Jet front #118,rear #122
Pilot Screw Setting 2-1/4 turns out
Clutch Type Wet Multi-plate,cable operated
Final Drive chain-sprockets
Transmission 5-speed constant mesh
Motorcycle Style Dual Sport/Adventure
Frame single down with double-loop cradle,rectangular section
Front 43mm oil damped telescopic forks
Rear single shock obsorber,rising rate linkage pro-link box
Front Travel 220mm
Rear Travel 210mm
Front 90/90-H21-54s Tubed
Rear 140/80-R17-69H Tubed
Front 21 inch spoke
Rear 17 inch spoke



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