Namibia - I've got a cra/ush on you...

With only 2.5 Mio inhabitants Namibia is one of the least populated countries in Africa. One realizes it, when riding for hours without village. Endless straight roads… with nothing. Hold on, no, there was something strange; in a town called Gobabis. There was a beer garden, where we ordered Bratwurst and potato salad for lunch. What a strange feeling. Because of the German colonial times in Namibia, there is still a German touch all over the country. There are towns like Mariental, Maltahöhe or street names like “Bahnhof Street”. We didn’t mind and enjoyed a solid Namibian Bratwurst with mustard. So thrilled about the bratwurst, we heard about a place called Joe’s Beerhouse in Windhoek, where we enjoyed other traditional German foods and the locally brewed Weissbeer (wheat beer). We felt like on a weekend trip in the Blackforest with the guys from the Club. Somehow it was wrong to eat proper German food in Africa, but after 3 months eating local foods, we just enjoyed the change for once. Windhoek seemed to us like a very quiet place and after two nights we were heading further to the world famous dunes of Sossusvlei. What a sight. In the morning at 5am, we drove towards the dunes to enjoy the sunrise and a moment of peace. What a magic place. After lunch we rode south to cover some mileage before reaching the fishriver canyon the next day. After the day has started with such a highlight, it ended in a disaster. All of a sudden a good gravel road turned into a 20 meter sand stretch. Alex in front was to fast to react and reduce speed. With almost 80km/h he hit the sand stretch, lost control of his front wheel and fell. Dorian running towards the dust cloud checking on Alex soon realized that he was still able to walk and talk. Heavy breathing and horrible pain in the back were his complains. He needed to see a doctor and a couple of hours later Alex was taken away by the ambulance to the next bigger town, where first x-rays where done. As the x-Rays didn’t show a clear picture Alex was sent to Windhoek for a CT. In the entrance hall of the state hospital of Windhoek, nobody seemed to be in a hurry and he waited around 4 hours to be examined. Some more x-rays later still no clear diagnose was spoken. The chef doctor should take a look into Alex’s case; with the words: “he will come by and take a look”, Alex was parked back in the entrance hall for another 8 hours. Slowly losing his mind and getting down from several morphine shots, Alex decided to move to a private hospital (the Roman Catholic Hospital) as soon as possible. Rosie, a nurse in the State Hospital, was taking care of Alex the entire time and even called him at 3 am at night to check up on him. She found out, that the 2nd examination by the chef doctor still didn’t happen, and most probably wouldn’t happen until the morning. All worried and Alex slowly panicking, she organized an ambulance, that brought him immediately to the private hospital. At 5am finally Alex arrived at the Roman Catholic Hospital, where they x-rayed and CTed him in the morning and diagnosed 6 broken rips, a scratched spleen and blood in the stomache –an immediate operation and removal of the spleen was announced. At 3pm the operation already took place and Alex was being fixed. While Alex was being moved with ambulances from hospital to hospital, Rolf and Dorian where fixing Alex’s bike, which was up and running in no time. The machine is definitely stronger then the man. Good old Africa Twin. Dorian went up to Windhoek again to check up on Alex, while Rolf and Sandra were organizing the transport of Alex’s bike down to Cape Town. After Alex’s surgery and him being flown home by REGA (Swiss Rescue Medics), Dorian drove south again and hooked up with Rolf and Sandra. As some days have gone by due to the accident, the standing crew where heading down south on the most direct roads towards South Africa. The last country on the list. With one rider down, the spirit was not the same anymore. But still; the project needed to be accomplished. Only 1300 km to go… let’s finish it!

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    Loma Shumway (Mittwoch, 01 Februar 2017 18:00)

    Highly descriptive article, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part 2?

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