CRF 1000 Test Ride from Zurich to Corsica

Ring Ring.... Ring Ring... Ring Ring... "Hello?" - "Yes, hi Alex, this is Simon from Honda" - "Aaaa Simon! It's been a while! How have you been?" - "Well not to bad...blablablabla" - Simon:" Alex, I wanted to ask you and team Findingrichard if you would like to ride from Zurich to Corsica with the brand new Africa Twins CRF 1000, as we do need some bikes down there for promo. Would you be up to this task? " Alex:"aaaaaa *trying to breath* aaaa *spit dripping down from the corner of his mouth* aaaa *jumping up and down trying to find words* aaaa *smashing his forhead repeatedly against the wall*... YES!" Simon: "Cool, I send you the details. Peace!"


And so begun the short adventure on the new Africa Twins CRF 1000 in January 2016 with shivering - 2 C over mountain passes to comfortable 13 C degrees cruises at the beach on Corsica. Reunited, Team Findingrichard took off... Thank you Honda Moto Suisse and Enduristan for equiping us again and be blessed.

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