Rolf  Räth                


Born only seven years before the XRV 650 was launched, it took me a long time to find out how much fun motorbikes can be. Although I always loved two wheels and the dirt, as I was a former cyclocross specialist, I bought my first motorbike in 2004, and yes it was a Honda CM125!

Since then motorbikes became an addiction. This comes along with my passion for exploring other culturs, landscapes, foods and mentalities, in a nut-shell "travelling the world". I can not stop exploring these facinating planet.

I lived the last couple of years in Rümlang were I also grew up and now moved to Winterthur with my lovely girlfriend. I enjoy sportclimbing, skiing, trekking and all sorts of sports.

After reading Ted Simon's books and done 3 month backpacking trip in 2009 trough Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania  I found it would be a perfect project to ride down to South Africa and hopefully find Richard on the way.

Let's gear up and get this done!

Alexandre Bourdon


Born in the chinese year of the dog I never really got to like them thoroughly. Once I had to run from a herd of wild dogs in India, scared to be torn apart! Anyway I was faster then them and now on my bike with all the gear I give a crap... shall the dogs come!

Grew up in Dielsdorf, a little town in Switzerland, but live in Zurich since about 10 years. Since 5 years my polish girlfriend adds big value to my life, supporting my crazy plans. 

I'm a project dude, since I started exploring the world. Had always many dreams and some of them I realized. One of the coming is Africa. I mean, exploring the birthplace of humanity must be something, but not only that. Finding Richard gona be quite challenging, as I heard that Africa is huge ;-) ...can't wait to hit the road!



Dorian  Signer     



Born in Brazil, I always liked it hot! I'mean ... nice weather, flaming rhythms and people in good mood who always find a reason to have a smile on their face. I have to admit, that if I wouldn't have started riding motorbikes after the age of 30 I probably wouldn't be able to write this now. I was ready for it after I realized, that I was “grown up enough”, not to feel the urge to go faster and faster, but just to relax while cruising down a mountain road and perfectly enjoying it.

It started in the beginning of 2013, that I visited Alex and Rolf regularly, to lend them a hand when they were working on their bikes. I liked to deal with the raw mechanics of their Africa Twins, finding out how everything works together, and after a test drive on Alex's bike I was hooked. I will never forget the great feeling on that first of May, driving along the fields in the sun, high up on the bike with a beautiful view over the landscape with nothing blocking my sight. If experiencing the surroundings of Zurich was already that great, how exciting must it be to explore other countries up close on a bike?
It is only because of Alex and Rolf, that I found this new passion of riding and working on motorbikes. Thank you guys! I am thrilled to be part of this trip through the fascinating African continent, and I can't wait to get going!

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